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Tactical Terrain Visualization System (TTVS)

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control produces the TOPSCENE mission rehearsal system for the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army, and Special Forces.

TOPSCENE capabilities give the Warfighter increased situational awareness of the mission operating environment before execution of combat or training missions. The technology converts geospatial intelligence from multiple sources into interactive, three-dimensional (3-D) scene visualization. In addition to the 3-D terrain, information from intelligence sources (e.g., target and threat information, urban features, vegetation, and order of battle data) can be added to the scene via the database generation process and through the Mission Planning Interface (JMPS/FalconView), greatly increasing the realism of the mission operating environment.

Our visualizations provide fused situational awareness, using off the shelf hardware and software in a modular, expandable system. Warfighters can repeatedly rehearse and analyze all elements of a mission, including aircraft and vehicle routes, sensor predictions, target details, weather and tactical intelligence.  Rehearsal and visualization with realistic representation of the terrain and objective areas greatly increases the mission’s probability of success.

TOPSCENE’s virtual environments put users in the pilot’s seat of fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and even behind the controls of a ground vehicle or guided missile seeker. The system also gives a ground-level view of environments, especially useful in urban warfare. 

TOPSCENE offers interoperability with the following mission planning software:

  • U.S. Army Aviation Mission Planning Systems
  • Joint Mission Planning System
  • Portable Flight Planning Software
  • FalconView

TOPSCENE provides the three-dimensional visualization for the U.S. Army’s Tactical Terrain Visualization System, TTVS, and it is a federated application of the Joint Mission Planning System.

TOPSCENE is a registered trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.


(Photo by Lockheed Martin)


(Photo by Lockheed Martin)