OnPoint Vision Systems

Procerus OnPoint Vision Systems

OnPoint™ OnBoard Vision Processing Unit Vision Suite v3.0

The compact, highly capable Lockheed Martin Procerus OnPoint OnBoard vision processing unit (VPU) captures video and still imagery from digital image sensors. OnPoint OnBoard VPU provides advanced video processing capabilities.

OnPoint VPUTM v3 1.9” x 1.4”
10 grams (.4 oz) 1.75 watt
1 GHz ARM core 800 MHz DSP core

1.3" x 0.9”
8.5 gram (.3 oz)
1 watt






  • The Click ‘n Fly feature guides the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) while commanding the gimbal to view items of interest
  • Provides net recovery (Priced as add-on)
  • 10 Megapixel (MP) ePTZ digital imager
  • Precise electronic pan/tilt/zoom
  • 5x digital zoom levels
  • Provides full resolution still images
  • Gyro-aided stabilization and tracking
  • Integrated dual camera mux
  • OnPoint™ OnBoard VPU
    • Digital and analog video input/output up to 720p HD resolution
    • Dual core OMAP ARM/DSP processor (512 MB flash, 256 MB double data rate)
    • Low latency vision-based feedback
    • Geo-coordinate aware video overlays for enhanced situational awareness
    • Electronic image stabilization and target tracking using advanced image processing
    • Integrated with Kestrel autopilot for seamless click ‘n fly guidance capability
    • Daughterboard interface provides:
      • 720p HD digital video output
      • 10/100 Ethernet
      • Additional IO (2x SPI, I2C, USB, 3x UART, McBSP, JTAG, SD)
OnPoint vision processing unit (VPU)


  • Ability to track through loss-of-link and noisy video
  • Low latency feedback and high performance tracking
  • Save video/images onboard Micro SD
  • Small and lightweight
  • Vision guidance for precision landing requirements

Terminal Guidance: OnPoint™ OnBoard Software Add-On

Lockheed Martin Procerus has developed vision-based terminal guidance algorithms for lethal unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and precision landing applications, including net and/or moving ground or water vehicle recovery. This capability can also be applied to VTOL platforms for precise landing on buildings or other targets for perch/stare/return missions or lethal operations.


  • Stationary and moving targets
  • Highly reliable vision-based tracker (no GPS)
  • State-of-the-art onboard tracking and image stabilization (see target, hit target)
  • Designate target with simple click, guidance is then hands-free
  • Intuitive operator interfaces (GUI)
  • Supports GPS/INS and GPS denied guidance modes
  • Compatible with EO, IR, and SAL seekers
  • Support provided for seamless integration with custom ESAD / ESAF devices
  • Ability to fine-tune the target aim-point in real-time throughout the terminal engagement
  • Adaptable for precision vehicle recovery on stationary or moving platforms
Virtual Cockpit Virtual Cockpit 3D with integrated OnPoint OnBoard GUI – multiple video feeds