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"People, Process and Technology" Speeding New Technology and Capability Flow to Decision Makers and Warfighters

Lockheed Martin’s strong technical competency and analytical capabilities make it a unique partner in conceptualizing, implementing, integrating, and rapidly deploying innovative, evolutionary capabilities. We facilitate net-centric operations and national security in the information age, where the acquisition response cycle and operational tempo must approach Internet speed to realize revolutions in military and business affairs.

Just as the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security are transforming federal business processes and the National Information Infrastructure to procure, field, employ and sustain net-centric architectures, Lockheed Martin has transformed to help guide its efforts in integrated, net-centric solutions. We have optimized our capabilities to provide our customers with a unique combination of proven process, people and technology, called the OMEGA® Framework.

The OMEGA Framework is used to assess the satisfaction of enterprise objectives - mission satisfaction, system performance, total ownership cost, enterprise schedule, and risk and opportunity management – across the full program life cycle from all stakeholder perspectives. IS&GS partners with its customers, employing the OMEGA capabilities to support defensible decision-making along the mission roadmap through effects-centric analysis of architectures, designs, and measures –– a comprehensive, fully integrated environment for mission success.


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