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Global Positioning System (GPS) Ground Control Segment Sustainment


Every day millions of Global Positioning System (GPS) users jump in to their cars or glance at their cell phones ready to be guided to their exact destination no matter their mission. Whether it’s finding that new pizza place or pinpointing a terrorist threat, the pressure for near 100 percent system availability is a critical factor in Lockheed Martin’s continued support for GPS Ground Control Segment sustainment.

For the past 30 years Lockheed Martin has been a respected partner in this mission, helping ensure that the exact position, navigation and timing signals are available for worldwide users at all times, across numerous domains. Lockheed Martin has been selected by the U.S. Air Force to sustain the ground control segment for the GPS satellite constellation through June 2019. 

Leveraging a Legacy

The GPS Ground Control segment enables the U.S. Air Force Space Command 2nd Space Operations Squadron to perform on-orbit operational control of the GPS satellites.  Under the sustainment contract, Lockheed Martin will support this function, and also provide organizational and depot sustainment support for Space and Missiles Systems Center GPS Directorate Logistics Branch to the GPS control segment.

The GPS mission is complex, supporting all types of users from the Dept. of Defense to the average carpool driver. Lockheed Martin’s team of experts will perform hardware engineering, software test, technical order management and systems administration functions, along with Depot level software maintenance and test activities. 


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